Mohanad Elshieky

Comedian. Story Teller. Part-time Libyan.

Show dates


Upcoming Shows:

4/19: Earthquake Hurricane, The Liquor Store, 7:30pm 

4/20: No Pun Intendo, Ground Kontrol, 9pm

4/21: Hosting FlyAss Jokes, Brody Theater, 9:30pm  

4/22: Comedy For a Cause, Eugene, Oregon 

4/23: Cool Kids Brunch Show, Doug Fir Lounge, 1pm

4/24: Revolution Comedy, Curious Comedy Theater, 7pm 

4/24: It's Gonna Be Ok, EastBurn, 8:30pm

4/25: Wait, What?, Curious Comedy Theater, 7:30pm

4/27: Get Wet, Splash Bar, 8:30pm

4/30: Sincerity Is Gross, The Slide Inn, 7pm

5/10: You're Welcome, Mississippi Pizza, 9:30pm

5/19: Brown Bag Comedy, Ross Island Cafe, 7:30pm

5/19: FlyAss Jokes, Brody Theater, 9:30pm

5/26: Minority Retort, The Hollywood Theater , 7:30pm

5/26: Al's Den, 10:30pm

5/27: Al's Den, 10:30pm

6/2: W/Colin Quinn, Buskirk-Chumley, Limestone Comedy Festival 

6/3: W/Hari Kondabolu, Ivy Tech Jwac, Limestone Comedy Festival

6/6: The Portland Mercado, 8pm

6/7: Co-Hosting Earthquake Hurricane, The Liquor Store. 7:30pm

6/20: Portland Funniest Contest, Helium Comedy Club, 10pm

6/17: I'mma Leave You With This, Mister Theater, 12am

6/25: Control yourself, Alberta Street pub, 9pm

6:26: It's gonna be ok, Eastburn, 8pm

6/28: Co-hosting Earthquake Hurricane, the Liquor Store, 7pm

7/7: Hosting FlyAss Jokes, Brody Theater, 9pm

7/11: Portland Funniest Semi-Finals, Helium Comedy Club, 7pm  

7/14: Fundraiser Show, Eugene, OR

7/19: Cool Kids Patio Show, Doug Fir, 6pm 

7/20: Co-Hosting Earthquake Hurricane, Ford Food & Drink, 8pm

7/24: It's Gonna be ok, Eastburn, 8pm

7/25: The Confessional, Church, 8pm

7/27: Co-hosting Earthquake Hurricane, Ford Food & drink, 8pm

7/28: Helium Comedy Club, 10pm

8/4: Co-Hosting FlyAss Jokes, Brody Theater, 9:15pm

8/4: Al's Den, 10:30pm

8/5: FlyAss Jokes, Brody Theater, 9:15pm

8/5: Al's Den, 10:30pm

8/10: Get Busy, Barrel Room, 8pm



Past Shows:

8/19: Brown Bag Comedy, The Ross Island Grocery, 7pm.

8/20: Battle Of The Sexes, The Rusty Nail, 8pm.

8/25: Hot Box Comedy, Canna & The City, 7:30pm

8/29: It's Gonna Be Ok, Eastburn, 8pm

8/30: Whatever Forever, The Waypost, 8pm

9/3: Morning After Kill, Home Base, 1pm

9/10: Hosting Salem Funniest Contest

9/16: The Undisputable Geniuses Of Comedy, Revolution Hall,8pm

9/17: Garbage People, The Waypost, 9pm

9/24: Funny Humans Vs the Wheel, Salem

9/29: The Cool Kids Patio Show, Doug Fir, 6pm

29/9: The Double Clicks variety show, kickstand, 7:30pm

10/11: Portland Comedy Academy Graduation Show, Helium Comedy Club, 8pm.

10/12: You're Welcome , Mississippi Pizza , 9:30 pm.

10/20: Circa 33, 8:30 pm.

10/26: Earthquake Hurricane, Velo Cult, 9pm

11/6: Make America Nice Again, Holocene, 8pm

11/17: Live Wire Radio, Alberta Rose theater, 7:30pm

11/21: It's Gonna Be Ok, East Burn, 8:30pm

11/23: Transplants, Helium Comedy, Club, 8pm

12/1: Graduation Show, Kiggins Theather, Vancouver, 8pm.

12/2: Al's Den, McMenamins Crystal Hotel, 10pm.

12/3:Al's Den, McMenamins Crystal Hotel, 10pm

12/14: Special Guest on the Portland Comedy Academy Graduation, Helium Comedy Club, 8pm.

12/15: No Pun Intendo, Ground Kontrol, 9pm

12/17: W/Becky Robinson, Astoria, Oregon, 9pm

12/19: Comedy League Night, Sam's Hollywood Billiards, 8pm

1/4: Good Looks, UCB Franklin, Los Angeles, 8pm

1/8: Submission Tape Show Tacular, Curious Comedy Theater, 8pm

1/9: It's Gonna Be Ok, Eastburn, 8pm

1/16: Front Porch, Curious Comedy Theater, 7pm

1/21: What a Joke, National Comedy Fest, Curios Comedy theater, 7pm

1/26: Get Wet, Splash Bar, 8pm

1/28: Merry Times Show, Astoria, 9pm

2/1: Earthquake Hurricane, The Liquor store, 7pm

2/5: Control Your Self, Alberta Street Pub, 8:30pm

2/8: Dirty Dozen, Helium Comedy Club, 8pm

2/11: Punchline Comedy, Jai Thai, Seattle, 8:30pm

2/20: It's Gonna be Ok, Eastburn, 8pm

3/2: Do What You Love Comedy Series, We Work, 6pm

3/2: Hot Box Comedy, Canna & The City, 7:30pm

3/12: Hosting House Work, IRCO Benefit

3/15: Guest on Portland Comedy Academy Graduation, Helium Comedy Club, 8pm

3/20: Portland's Mercury I, anonymous, The Secret Society, 7:30pm

3/22: Party Time with Jocelyn and Emily, Enso Winery, 7:30pm

3/23: Comedy Night at the Zoiglhaus, 8pm

4/5: Loose Cannons, Helium Comedy Club, 8pm

4/6: Barbara Holm Believes in you, Bossanova, 6pm

4/7: Hosting FlyAss Jokes, Brody Theater, 9:30pm