Mohanad Elshieky

Comedian. Story Teller. Part-time Libyan.

Mohanad has recently made it to the Top Three Funniest People in Portland in an annual contest held at Helium Comedy Club, and been named by the Portland Mercury as an undisputed Genius of Comedy. He has opened for comedians such as Colin Quinn and Hari Kondabolu, and has been on the award winning show, Live Wire. He has also been featured on the front page of Reddit.  Mohanad has been on the Limestone Comedy Festival and is part of Earthquake Hurricane weekly show. Originally from Libya, he brings a unique perspective to the comedy scene, Not afraid to say what on his mind, he discusses politics, stereotypes, and has an opinion on almost everything. His comedy has been described as genuine, thought provoking and offensively non-offensive.  Mohanad can be seen performing in Portland and different parts of the country. He is also the author of the "Road From Libya" Blog.

He’s the one we need right now
— Live Wire Radio
His impeccable timing and sweet nature is one of the reasons comedy watchers across the city have been perking up their ears whenever he hits the stage
— Portland Mercury